Gadea Grupo Farmacéutico (Gadea Pharmaceutical Group). Spanish group of affiliated pharmaceutical companies dedicated to the technical development services

Gadea Grupo Farmacéutico (Gadea Pharmaceutical Group)
Crystal Pharma Product List

Chemical Plants

Gadea Chemical plantsGadea Grupo Farmacéutico (Gadea Pharmaceutical Group) has the most advanced technologies for manufacturing active pharmaceutical ingredients, according to highest quality standards and according to GMP compliance and FDA guidelines.

We have a well equipped pilot plants which permits the development of efficient and reliable processes.

Crystal Pharma specializes in steroids production.  Through novel technologies, Crystal can enter niche products, such as high potency sex hormones products trough high containment technology. Additionally, facilties are available to produce sterile products under aseptic conditions. Crystal also has micronisation capability in house, a rarity in Europe.

Strength manufacturing active ingredients with complex chemical synthesis, overcoming patents, for the generic industry.

Crystal Pharma, Ltd. production unit, located in Malta, is operating under FDA standards.

Clean Rooms

For the physical treatment of the final products, such as final filtration, drying, milling and micronising, different 100.000 class “clean rooms” are available. These have  been specifically designed in accordance with approved pharmaceuticals standards.


Our warehouses are organized with strict standards, separating various materials for highest degree of safety.