Crystal Pharma. Gadea Grupo Farmacéutico (Gadea Pharmaceutical Group). Spanish group of affiliated pharmaceutical companies dedicated to the technical development services

Crystal Pharma
Development of complex molecules and APIs, including general APIs, steroids, sex hormones, sterile filtration and many others. Successfully FDA inspected.
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Crystal Pharma.

About us

The genesis of Crystal Pharma began in 1991 as a R & D company. Since that beginning, always focusing on innovation, the organization has moved forward to large scale commercial API production, in 1997. Beginning with a varied portfolio of general APIs, Crystal has moved into other specialty areas with time, including high potency hormones and sterile steroids (by filtration). Growth has been very robust with recent annual growth approaching 30%. As of 2007, Crystal is a business unit of Gadea Grupo Farmacéutico (Gadea Pharmaceutical Group). The strength of the entire Gadea group gives us further financial stability and growth and has positioned Crystal as a key player in global API market.


Crystal Pharma has a wide portfolio of APIs. During recent years, growth and expansion have been very strong and we are always looking for new molecules to add to our existing portfolio. We have capacity to supply all size customers, including large multinational organizations. Our sourcing ability in Asia and large manufacturing facility one hour from Madrid, Spain add further stability to our production profile. Contract manufacturing is also a capability, as well as custom synthesis, specializing in complex molecules

Crystal Pharma Malta Ltd, purchased in 2005, and completely updated and refurbished in 2008 to FDA standards represents a unique opportunity for our global customers. Producing API in Malta, this unit offers an attractive patent position. The main goal is to provide an attractive avenue to file products that may challenge existing patents’ validity, without infringement. Key advantage with this unit is existing Crystal culture and guidance with respect to quality and business management. This represents a very exciting opportunity for our global customers in our view.


Our Quality System is first class, as demonstrated by our numerous regulatory and customer inspections. Crystal Pharma has been inspected successfully by FDA beginning in 2005. cGMP certificate has been granted and affirmed by Spanish Ministry of Health. Audits are peformed regularly by numerous clients with highest standards.


Our company culture places a tremendous emphasis on Research and Development. We re-invest every year both financially and human resources to this end. Almost 20% of our staff are dedicated exclusively to R & D.

Intellectual property

We have the highest respect for Intellectual Property Laws . With an in house team of experts, we are able to ensure no potentials for patent infringement. Also, this enables our company to protect our own hard-earned IP, filing several patent applications every year globally. We consider IP to be one of our core strengths across the entire Gadea Group.